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SWOT Analyses of Creative One Petroleum

This investigation shows strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) from both the financial specialist’s and the temporary worker’s perspective in the arranging, contracting, and development periods of a venture. With the current market economy, and when private premiums give huge financing, development inside time and spending limits is significant. To recognize possible dangers for both the financial specialist and the contractual worker, it is attractive to lead a SWOT examination. A chief should then choose which dangers are beneficial so as to understand the normal venture benefits. An examination of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) infers an investigation of the inside conceivable outcomes (strengths and weaknesses) of a task and its outside condition (opportunities and threats that may
be looked during venture the executives). Since hazard is available in all parts of our lives, hazard examination and thought, just as danger the board, is a general action dependent on sound judgment, pertinent cognizance, experience, and utilization of suitable techniques. We can understand hazard the board as a need to perceive and take out (or possibly decrease) vulnerability utilizing control exercises.


  • Advanced project management.
  • Workforce simulation.
  • Having knowledge about subcontractor.
  • Modern technology.
  • Use of modern machinery
  • Skillful work team.
  • A developed partnership interrelation with the material suppliers and service users.


  • The possibility of injury at work.
  • Resistance of workers towards the adoption of new working methods.
  • Human errors.


  • Favorable contract terms.
  • A reliable investor.
  • The possibility of working on future projects with the investors.
  • Favorable financing method.
  • The possibility of developing a functional and coordinated project term.


  • Government interventions.
  • New government policies.
  • The change of site and area.
  • Unforeseen natural disasters.

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Vision & Mission

To be the leading provider of gas and petroleum station maintenance services.
To offer incredible support for customers by providing them and inevitably carrying out the best maintenance for petroleum and gas service station sectors.

Target Market

Our professionals get the absolute best in preparing to guarantee you get trustworthy service every single time you call. Our staff is production line prepared so they realize how to perform support, fixes, substitutions and establishments on the equipment that is at your area. That implies less personal time for you and lower costs! Our service experts have long stretches of involvement with giving everything to crisis fixes for a wide range of oil apportioning equipment. They realize how to rapidly and successfully analyze an issue, having spent endless hours giving a similar sort of value service you’ll get to several different customers. There’s not a viable alternative for hands-on understanding and the specialists at Creative One Petroleum set theirs to work for you. We make sure to fulfil all the dispensing needs and requirements of respective gas or fueling stations. We implement the best technological advances and systems to make sure that all the dispensing and petroleum maintenance needs are best met.